Electrical Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop the next generation of implant and external communication unit
  • Design systems that communicate via wireless powering
  • Design systems that comply with medical safety and EMC specifications
  • Specify production tests
  • Manage the production of the product on the R&D level
  • Responsible for the testing and the validations of the product, write and execute the protocols
  • Assist in maintenance of systems in the field (detection and correction of failures of returned systems)
  • Willing to travel abroad


  • Electrical / Computer Engineering, B.Sc. or higher degree


  • At least 5-year experience
  • Prior employment in a big organization
  • Experience in RF communication and RF amplifiers
  • Experience in mixed signal design
  • Experience in NFC/RFID advantage
  • Experience in the medical devices advantage
  • Coding abilities (C/C++/C#/VB/Python) advantage

Personal Skills

  • Team player with excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
  • Record keeping and documenting abilities
  • Highly motivated with Self-made executing and hands on abilities

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